Our philosophy

We wish to grow with you – and for you.

The foundations of BLUBERRIES were laid in Munich in the summer of 2011. Our mission: to support the energy industry in the realisation of transformations made necessary by the energy revolution in a sustainable and cooperative manner. Our goal is the economic success of your company – and to boost the motivation of your entire team.

Thanks to our in-depth market knowledge and extensive experience, we are able to take on a pioneering role: we design and drive change processes.

What BLUBERRIES has accomplished so far: a large number of satisfied customers and successfully implemented projects. Today, 40 regular members of staff and 15 independent management consultants as well as the managing directors Johannes Burger and Olaf Ruchay are working on the next chapters of BLUBERRIES’ success story – and there is no end in sight.

Our history

A young plant brimming with energy

BLUBERRIES GmbH was founded in Munich in the summer of 2011 to support the energy industry with transformations and adjustments made necessary by the energy revolution in a sustainable and cooperative manner.

Deep market knowledge, broad experience in the energy industry and our ability to successfully implement projects enable us to shape and drive change processes within this specific industry.

The goal of our consulting activities is to create long-lasting economic success for your company – coupled with a gain in motivation, experience and satisfaction for your entire team. 40 regular members of staff and 15 independent management consultants are currently working for BLUBERRIES.

Responsibility for the management of BLUBERRIES GmbH lies with the managing partners Johannes Burger and Olaf Ruchay.

Managing partners

  • Johannes Burger
  • Olaf Ruchay
Johannes Burger

»In addition to the usual tools of the trade, thematic expertise is the decisive success factor for fruitful project work. My motto is to thoroughly investigate the content of a problem and to correctly assess workable solutions. Conventional consulting often only scratches the surface. In most cases, the devil is in the detail, and new concepts can only be successfully implemented through operational understanding.«

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Olaf Ruchay

»In many cases, successful project work is not about the best concept, but rather about the successful implementation of long-standing change issues. The main point here is communication across all management levels and the appropriate integration of the target group, especially of affected employees. Change does not happen on paper.«

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  • Caroline Altmeier
  • Reza Sharifi
  • Werner Haberkorn
Caroline Altmeier

»Cooperation in a spirit of partnership and communication with our clients as equals are among our top priorities. Together with our clients, we implement developed concepts and stand up for the success of the projects. We identify with our client’s problem and company in our daily work, and not just on PowerPoint slides«

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Reza Sharifi

»Reorientations, restructuring methods for increased efficiency and the introduction of digital business models are only the beginning of elaborate changes taking place within companies. Bringing organisations, processes and IT up to speed can require a lot of time and resources. In many cases, the next change is imminent before the previous one has even been implemented. Implementation consulting for the realisation of sustainable value enhancement is our craft

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Werner Haberkorn

»”Making distribution more efficient” is the motto of our international team with operational network experience in Western and Eastern Europe.
As your partner for a more efficient energy supply, we support you in projects such as reducing grid losses, separating asset management and asset service, centralising purchasing and all issues relating to the digitalisation of the distribution grid.«

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Andreas Pointvogl
Project manager

»Regulations structure the way people live together, but also the interactions between companies and with society.

I joined BLUBERRIES in order to shape, implement and continuously improve these interactions in the interest of everyone involved«

Jana Geese
Project manager

»Working at BLUBERRIES provides me with a dynamic and friendly working environment.

I also appreciate the flexibility that BLUBERRIES offers with regard to the way I work and the opportunity to actively shape the growth of our young company

Andreas Jakob
Project manager

»A trusting atmosphere both within and outside the company, flexibility, and commitment to the success of the project are the standards and basic conditions that are important to me – especially as part of a fantastic team

Veit Piegendorfer
Senior project consultant

»The various opportunities that digitalisation offers within the energy industry can be exploited by promoting an open corporate culture, while providing know-how and agile project management to our customers.

At BLUBERRIES, I am given the opportunity to help shape the energy revolution and our future on a daily basis«

Dr. Tobias Heldt
Senior project consultant

»The energy sector constantly faces a variety of legal, institutional, and regulatory challenges.

At BLUBERRIES, I am able to contribute my knowledge of these issues and help our clients to be successful in a dynamic energy sector.«

Leonhard Beutel
Senior project consultant

»At BLUBERRIES, I have the opportunity to rise to ever new challenges in a dynamic environment. I can also count on the helpfulness of experienced colleagues.

Moreover, I appreciate the independent and flexible way of working and the wide range of further training opportunities

Sören Bertsch
Junior project consultant

»As a recent university graduate, BLUBERRIES offers me the ideal opportunity to continue my personal development on the basis of various project experiences and training courses. What’s more, the corporate family atmosphere and the strong team spirit among my colleagues are one of a kind

Jan Horstmann
Junior project consultant

»Participating in decision-making, active involvement in interesting and varied processes and a continuous focus on the well-being of the client – this is what working at BLUBERRIES is all about.
My colleagues are always helpful, eager to improve the status quo and loyal at all times

Julia Reichensperger
Junior project consultant

»At BLUBERRIES, I am challenged and encouraged in a varied working environment.

BLUBERRIES not only stands out for its wide range of development opportunities, but also for its amicable cooperation and open feedback culture«

Robert Fink
Project manager/HR-Director

»Mutual trust, respect, expertise, commitment and the will to succeed – these are the prerequisites for fruitful project work with my clients and colleagues.
I like to be inspired by my younger colleagues and enjoy passing on my experience to them.«


The new general data protection regulation (GDPR): a balancing act between compliance and feasibility

An international energy provider entrusted us at BLUBERRIES with the task of overseeing the group-wide and Europe-wide implementation of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

The new online presence of an energy supplier to enhance its customer experience

We at BLUBERRIES were assigned the task of completely revamping the online presence of an energy supplier with respect to technology, content and design.

An innovative Business model

Once upon a time, the innovation department of a large energy supplier came up with the idea of offering customers an unprecedented service: the possibility of tracking current consumption and even breaking it down to the respective end devices. The advantages for customers are obvious: maximum transparency and the consequent optimisation of consumption by customers themselves. The concrete objective: customer loyalty and the acquisition of new customers. Further monetisation approaches were initially put on the back burner.

Succesful Implementation Of Cost-Cutting Targets

The client, an energy supplier, was repeatedly confronted with cost-cutting targets in the power generation sector in previous years. The service divisions of the generation sites (including real estate, warehousing/logistics and automobiles) were all expected to cut costs – by a substantial amount. Our task: to develop an optimisation project for all service departments, to clearly define goals and to initiate implementation measures for effective cost-cutting. Mission impossible? Not for BLUBERRIES!

Outsourcing as a win-win-situation for all parties involved

We at BLUBERRIES were commissioned by an energy company to provide HR support for the outsourcing of IT processes. This involved, in particular, the administrative and support functions of applications as well as the transfer of infrastructure to the cloud.

An electricity market reform and its regulation

We at BLUBERRIES were commissioned to develop a concept for a national electricity market reform aimed at implementing and controlling a policy-based lending instrument.

Transformation of an existing HR model

The client in question had undergone comprehensive restructuring: from a large corporation to a medium-sized energy company. As a result, several change processes had taken place within the company which had had a major impact on the project procedure. In view of these far-reaching transformations, the employee focus within the HR department had gradually shifted into the background. Our task: to transform the existing HR model according to Dave Ulrich in such a way that employees were once again at the centre of the HR function in order to ensure project success.

Your career at BLUBERRIES

The BLUBERRIES are looking forward to welcoming new members!

Fruitful, substantial and productive – this not only describes BLUBERRIES, but also captures the essence of what we are. Support and cohesion within the BLUBERRIES team are a matter of course for us. Together, we create tailor-made solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. For results that bear fruit.

Work with us to write the next chapter of our success story and become part of our team! You can expect exciting projects at one of the leading providers of consulting services for the energy industry. Let’s harvest the fruits of our success together – we look forward to meeting you!

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